Sound Transit to Go Wireless in Seattle with 48 Electric Buses, Including 33 Double-Deckers

  • Date: 02/21/2024

InductEV, a pioneer in wireless EV charging, today announced that Sound Transit will deploy its wireless charging technology for Seattle's new Stride bus rapid transit service. The procurement includes 48 wirelessly charging electric buses, including 33 double-deckers from Alexander Dennis, one of the world's leading independent global bus manufacturers and a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc.

Seattle will be the first location in North America to deploy double-decker electric buses with inductive wireless charging.

The company's technology is currently in use or scheduled for deployment in approximately 100 electric buses throughout the state, along with 35 InductEV in-ground wireless charging pads. The Sound Transit installation represents a significant achievement in overcoming the challenges of limited real estate in green space community districts. InductEV's technology avoids wired, depot-oriented charging methods that consume considerable real estate and electric utility assets while allowing smooth, high-powered wireless charging interoperability for both double-decker and 60' articulated electric buses on BRT high-end commuter routes.

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