What is a community learning center – and how will it change after-school options for kids?

  • Date: 04/18/2023

Simplified: The Sioux Falls School District is revamping its entire after-school program and shifting to community learning centers, set to open this fall at all 22 elementary schools. Here's what you need to know.

Let's start with a definition

A community learning center (CLC) is a way to use school buildings as a conduit for local services. It's largely focused on – but not limited to – after-school care. Currently, four Sioux Falls elementary schools are piloting CLCs.

That's different from a community center, of which there are five in Sioux Falls. These are centers attached to elementary school buildings that are essentially a public recreation center with a free, open gym.

https://www.sfsimplified.com/sioux-falls-school-district-after-school-programswhat-is-a-community-learning-center-and-how-will-it-change-after-school-options-for-kids/In addition to after-school care, these community learning centers will also give local service organizations a way to help reach people where they are to offer everything from cooking classes to parenting resources to programs promoting social and emotional development, said Rebecca Wimmer, coordinator of community partnerships for the Sioux Falls School District.

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