Microtransit Service Responds to Health-Related Social Needs


In November 2021, Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) a new program, entitled the Franklin County Access Pilot. This in-house ride-hailing program now serves 4 zones, targeted to ensure riders can access important health and social service services. The program is funded through a state legislative earmark that was originally planned to use to subsidize Lyft rides. 


The program not only expands clients’ access to mobility, but also promotes awareness of FRTA Access to agency staff. Once FRTA added the bike racks to the microtransit vehicles in March 2022, riders – not just from the partner agencies – immediately began to use them.

Partnership Highlights

Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG):  Coordinated the program and secured state legislative funding.

Franklin Regional Transportation Authority: Administered the Access program

Local Health and Social Service Agencies: Identified client needs and facilitated ride scheduling.

Learn more

Program contacts:  413-774-2262, FRTAccess@gmail.com, https://frta.org/getting-around/frta-access-program/


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