Engaging Students with Disabilities in Safe Routes to School

  • Source: Safe Routes to School Partnership
  • Date: 01/01/2018

"Students with disabilities are a key group to include when developing and implementing a Safe Routes to School program.1 On average, one out of every seven students has some type of disability. Students with disabilities can benefit greatly from Safe Routes to School programs, which provide invaluable tools that support healthy lifestyles, bolster physical activity, and promote independence. Developing a program that is welcoming for students with disabilities broadens a program’s reach, ensures all students can receive the benefits of the program, and enables students with andwithout disabilities to enjoy each other’s company and learn safe and healthy habits together.

This publication provides information for Safe Routes to School staff, volunteers, or program leaders on how to plan and develop a program that considers and meets the needs of students with disabilities. This infobrief describes the benefits of Safe Routes to School for students with disabilities, strategies for including students with disabilities within the six E’s of Safe Routes to School, important components of inclusive Safe Routes to School programming, considerations for students with different kinds of disabilities, and ways to partner and build your resources."

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