Health Care Access Design Challenge 2017

The Health Care Access Design Challenge 2017 is a funding opportunity to assist communities in addressing health care access issues. The goals of the projects are to 1)  support communities in designing ready-to-launch health care transportation solutions that improve access in each of the four challenge areas, and 2) disseminate results of the communities’ work to facilitate the implementation of solutions in part or in whole by other communities. In January 2018, the NCMM announced the chosen applicants for the Design Challenge 2017, listed below by the challenge area they will work on:

The Teams

Access to Behavioral Health Treatment

  • El Paso Co., CO (Lead agency: Disability Services Inc., dba Amblicab)
  • Shiawassee Co., MI (Lead agency: Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency)
  • Tarrant Co., TX (Lead agency: My Health, My Resources of Tarrant County)

Treatment for Chronic Disease

  • Rural Oklahoma, 40 counties (Lead agency: United Community Action Program)

Ongoing Treatment for Post-Hospitalization Recovery and Avoidance of Re-Hospitalization

  • Coahoma and Quitman Cos., MS (Lead agency: Aaron E Henry Community Health Services Center, Inc.)
  • Rockingham Co., VA (Lead agency: Valley Program for Aging Services)

Treatment for Acute/Immediate Care

  • Pioneer Valley, MA (Lead agency: Pioneer Valley Transit Authority)

Resource Pages

  • General grant information: Link to general timeline, team facilitator contact information, archived webinars, other resources
  • Customer research: Links to hints on conducting ethnographic-style interviewing, creating posters, and a look at what our sensemaking session will be like
  • Assumption testing: Links to assumption testing and prototyping resources, including July 31, 2018 archived webinar on assumption testing
  • Business plans and pitches: Links to resources to guide the creation of business plans and pitch presentations
  • Design Challenge 2017 Business Pitches: Links to the business pitches of the 7 NCMM-funded Design Challenge teams from the in-person pitch session on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018 in Washington, DC.