Design Challenge 2017 Business Pitches

Following a more than 8-month process, the 7 NCMM-funded Design Challenge teams pitched their healthcare access mobility solutions on Tuesday, October 23rd, in Washington, DC. These pitch sessions allow the teams to both celebrate their journeys and share their solutions that: are responsive to customers’ needs, can be financially viable, and have the partnerships and ability to be operationally feasible.

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Pioneer Valley, MA (Lead agency: Pioneer Valley Transit Authority)

Video of the Pioneer Valley team's in-person Business Pitch

RideCare Pioneer Valley Business Pitch (business pitch slides)

Colorado Springs, CO (Lead agency: Disability Services Inc., dba Amblicab)

Video of the Colorado Springs team's in-person Business Pitch

Healthcare Transportation Portal: Improving Access to Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Through Transportation (business pitch slides) and video used in the presentation

Shiawassee Co., MI (Lead agency: Shiawassee Area Transportation Agency)

Video of the Shiawassee County team's Business Pitch

Shiawassee County Transportation Solution for Shiawassee Drug Court Participants (business pitch slides)

Rural Oklahoma, 40 counties (Lead agency: United Community Action Program)

Video of the Oklahoma team's in-person Business Pitch

Friends of Dialysis: Rural Oklahoma Design Access Solution (video used for presentation)

Rockingham Co., VA (Lead agency: Valley Program for Aging Services)

Video of the Rockingham County team's in-person Business Pitch

Valley Transportation (V-Tran): Rockingham County, Harrisonburg City VA (business pitch slides) and video used in the presentation

Tarrant Co., TX (Lead agency: My Health, My Resources of Tarrant County)

Video of the Tarrant County team's in-person Business Pitch

Ride Reminder: Health Care Access Design Challenge (business pitch slides)

Clarksdale, MS (Lead agency: Aaron E Henry Community Health Services Center, Inc.)

Video of the Clarksdale team's in-person Business Pitch

Ride 2 Recovery: Trendy Transit (business pitch slides)


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Designing Your Learning Launch

Designing Your Learning Launch Worksheet (PDF)

Using Data to Pitch Your Solution

Using Data to Pitch Your Solution (slide deck); Work sheet to guide the process

A Look at Potential Funding Strategies

A Look at Potential Funding Strategies (slide deck); Rethink Health's Typology of Financing Structures (PDF), and ReThink Health's Worksheets # 1 and #2 (PDF)



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