Mobility Management Forum

Mobility Management Forum

NCMM held its 2022 Mobility Management Forum at the Louisville (KY) Omni Hotel, on Thursday, May 12, during CTAA’s EXPO 2022. Below is the recorded livestream and slide-decks from the event.

2022 Mobility Management Forum

Gathering + NCMM Updates

Who is in Your Mobility Management Circle – interactive audience discussion

Making the Case with Data

Ryan Spaight, Wisconsin DOT, Non-Driver Households GIS Tool (Forum presentation)

Tom Love, Policy Map (slides)

Integrating Mobility Management into Your Community

Zoe Miller, Zoe Miller Strategies, “Building Bridges to Reach Riders” (slides, Forum presentation)

Mark Smutny, Civic Reinventions, Inc., “Partnering with Organizations Serving People from Diverse Cultures” (Forum presentation)

Funding Mobility Management Activities

Danielle Nelson, Office of Program Management, Rural and Targeted Programs, FTA “Federal Fund Braiding Guide” (slides, Forum presentation)

Fred Roberge, Vice President of Transportation, Easter Seals NH,VT and Chair, New Hampshire Statewide Coordination Council, “Mobility Management with Cross-Federal Program Funding” (Forum presentation)

NCMM held its 2021 Mobility Management Forum at CTAA’s EXPO 2021 in Richmond, Virginia on Tuesday, November 9. The opening session highlighted 10 speakers on four panels, live-streamed, with the full event and questions asked by attendees and answered by panelists shown in full. Watch the archived video!

Opening Remarks and NCMM Update

Amy Conrick, Director, NCMM

How to Address Equity in Transportation Services

Prof. Tierra S. Bills, Transportation Research Group, Wayne State University

Innovative Services in the Commonwealth of Virginia

Chris Blankenship, Mobility & Med Ride Program Coordinator, Pulaski Co, VA
Dawn Missory, former Mobility Manager, Chesterfield Co.
Katherine Newman, Mobility Manager, Bay Transit
Brittany Voll, Transit Programs Manager, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation

Advancing Transportation Through Cross-Sector Partnerships

Steven DaCosta, Transportation Planning Specialist, Greater Mercer TMA, Mercer Co., NJ
Stephanie Davis, Mobility Programs Coordinator, Embark, Oklahoma City OK
Staci Sahoo, Director, Mobility Management, Hopelink, King. Co., WA

Applying MaaS strategies to Advance Transportation Options in Smaller Communities

Janae Futrell, Principal, Civic Sphere
Dr. Göran Smith, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

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