FAST adds new transit service called FAST Connect

  • Date: 09/06/2023

The City of Fairfield’s transit service (FAST) has added a new on-demand microtransit service called FAST Connect. To schedule same day on-demand rides, riders will need to download and use the Pingo App on their smart devices. Once the service is fully implemented, riders will have an estimated pickup wait time of 20 minutes, rather than the average 60 minute wait time on most existing fixed routes according to the press release.

To allow for additional cost efficiencies, FAST Connect and FAST’s DART paratransit service will share vehicles. To adhere to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, paratransit rides will continue to be prioritized and can be scheduled 1-7 days in advance. DART riders will also be picked up in FAST Connect vehicles.

FAST has purchased five vans to expand its fleet. FAST is also refreshing and rebranding its current fleet by painting its existing DART vehicles a bright blue with the new FAST Connect logo.

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