LA Metro’s MicroTransit Pilot Program Extended Amid Fare Increase Concerns

  • Date: 02/13/2024

LA Metro's MicroTransit Pilot Program, a lifeline for many, has been granted an extension until September 2024 by the Board of Directors. Yet, the proposal to raise fares from $1 to $2.50 per ride is causing ripples of concern among its users.Director Janice Hahn voiced her apprehensions about the program's high cost but acknowledged its indispensable value for residents, particularly older adults and the disabled community.

As LA Metro navigates the challenges of balancing cost and value, the extension of the MicroTransit Pilot Program offers a glimmer of hope. The transit authority is dedicated to finding solutions that will maintain the program's accessibility while ensuring its financial sustainability.

The proposed fare increase is just one part of the equation. LA Metro is also focusing on improving the efficiency of the Micro service and reducing its operating costs. By doing so, the transit authority hopes to continue providing this vital service to those who need it most.

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