Make getting to work a perk by tapping into no-cost employee vanpooling services

  • Date: 02/24/2023

Amid the many factors impacting organizational success is one pivotal cornerstone—your employees. Recruiting and retaining employees can be a challenge, and work satisfaction plays a big role. That includes the commute, which for many onsite employees has become longer and more costly.

Bring your workforce a smarter way to commute with vanpooling. Vanpools let employees (typically 4-15) who live near each other and have longer commutes (about 20+ miles) share the ride to work and the costs.

It’s a win-win that makes employee commutes better, serves as a retention and recruitment tool, and helps achieve other business goals.

Connect your employees with vanpooling services from Get There Oregon, local partners, and Commute with Enterprise—here’s how!

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