Shuttle service hopes to bring new transportation option to Syracuse

A community-based transportation company from the Capital Region is looking to expand into the Syracuse market with its low- or no-cost service. Tech Valley Shuttle runs services from everyday transportation and group shuttling for events, to non-emergency medical transportation. Founder and President Trent Griffin-Braaf says part of the reason for coming to the Syracuse market is the growing dissatisfaction with the rideshare industry, especially at off-hours and peak times.

“We've heard a lot of feedback where it's harder to get rides or the rides, spikes in prices, things of that nature, or even people waiting because rides consistently get dropped," Griffin-Braaf said. "So we knew that was a similar issue that we’ve seen in the Capital region.”

A 2023 analysis from Forbes found that between 2018 and 2022, Uber fares shot up an average of 83 percent, far exceeding inflation during the same period. But Griffin-Braaf says most of their services are provided to riders at no cost. Instead, he says they work directly with organizations and employers that benefit from their transportation services.

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