Beyond the obvious: Exploring the social determinants of health.

  • Date: 12/09/2023

Being healthy is at the top of many of our to-do lists. But did you know that social factors often have a greater influence on your health than the medical care you receive? Enter the social determinants of health.

Nonmedical conditions that significantly affect health and quality of life are social determinants of health, or SDOH. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines them as the conditions in the environments where people are born, live, work, play, worship and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning and quality of life outcomes and risks. They group them into five categories:

• Economic stability.

• Education access and quality.

• Health care access and quality.

• Neighborhood and built environment.

• Social and community context (relationships and interactions with family, friends, co-workers and community members).

Interventions to address these issues include increasing income and housing stability; increasing educational opportunities and access to high-quality health care; creating neighborhoods and environments that promote health and safety; and increasing positive relationships at home, work and in the community.

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