Windsor, VT micro-transit pilot marks its first year

  • Date: 03/22/2024

The all-wheel van, decorated with a cow-print pattern, is part of a three-year pilot testing an on-demand public transportation service. Like a private car service, riders within the town limits can schedule a pick-up through a phone call or app, and within 30 minutes, the MicroMOO arrives.

The service is free, and riders can use it for any reason, from a doctor’s appointment to meeting a friend for coffee. The MOOver's other on-demand services provide rides only for specific types of appointments, such as medical.

In January, the program marked year one of a three-year pilot funded through the state Agency of Transportation (AOT). During its first year, the MicroMOO completed 6,276 trips for 198 different riders.

Most trips averaged two miles. Riders used the service for:

  • Personal: 38 percent

  • Shopping: 28 percent

  • Medical: 19 percent

  • To get to work: 11 percent

  • To travel to school: four percent

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