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Maumee Valley Planning Organization

Fast Facts


Service: Regional Transportation Planning

Provider Organization: Maumee Valley Planning Organization

Funders: Maumee Valley Planning Organization, United Way

Other Partners: County Governments, Board of Developmental Disabilities, Non-Profits

Project Description

Description: The mobility management program at Maumee Valley Planning Organization began in November 2020. The project launched a Coordinated Transportation Plan with the goal of developing consensus across all jurisdictional counties.

Impact: The mobility management program, through many meetings and discussions, found that the counties without transportation were hesitant to dismantle the transportation services they already operated to transition into a public transportation system operated by another jurisdiction. The expansion and cooperation effort led to additional service agreements spanning county lines as well as inter-county partnerships to apply for 5310 and 5311 funding. 

Lessons Learned: The mobility management program worked diligently to meet each county where they were, but also encourage expansion of transportation services and participation in the coordinated plan as a multi-county entity. The coordination strategies (networking, cooperation, coordination, collaboration, and consolidation) assisted the planning committee to identify the level of coordination the counties were comfortable with.

-In October, 2021, all counties approved the multi-county coordinated plan. 

-Each county Board of Development Disabilities (DD) signed service agreements with a non-profit provider, agreeing to cross county lines. 

-The Multi-county Coordinated plan allows the counties to share the cost of a mobility management program to discuss transportation initiatives and listen to challenges.

-80% of mobility management funding is through the 5310 Specialized Transportation Program. The remaining 20% is matched through Maumee Valley Planning Organization and donations from United Way.

Summary of Outcomes:

-Increased marketing of transportation results in higher traffic on website and social media and expanded knowledge.

-Awarded transportation funding  through Ohio Department of Transportation Rides to Community Immunity Program for the four counties even though not all have public transit. The one county with public transit received the funding and will offer assistance to individuals needing assistance to COVID related appointments.

-Defiance and Fulton Counties have jointly submitted a letter of intent for 5310 funding.

-Henry and Williams Counties have jointly submitted a letter of intent for 5311 funding.

-Ohio Mobility Management acknowledged the accomplishments of the coordinated plan.

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