Taxi-Based Employment Program in Partnership with WIB

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Taxi-Based Employment Program in Partnership with WIB

Fast Facts

Service: Taxi-Based Employment Program

Provider Organization: Franklin Regional Transit Authority

Funders: Department of Labor grant, Franklin County Workforce Investment Board

Other partners: Franklin County Workforce Investment Board

Project Description

Description: In April 2021, the Franklin Regional Transit Authority (FRTA), which provides transportation in 41 communities in rural Western Massachusetts and fixed-route services in the small city of Greenfield, added a new pilot to expand mobility for workers needing to commute to late night and early morning shifts. In partnership with the local Workforce Board, FRTA received a grant to fund taxi rides for workers needing to get to second and third shift jobs during hours when public transit was not operating. In addition to getting a ride to work, participants could also stop at a childcare facility if they needed to drop off or pick up their children on the way.

FRTA’s Advisory Board met in May 2022 to discuss the future of the program. FRTA is exploring options for funding and looking at different options for operating the program.

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