The Sydney (AUS) MaaS Trial

  • Date: 03/31/2021

Australia’s first Mobility as a Service (MaaS) trial commenced in April 2019 in Sydney, running for two years. This report provides the background to the trial, technical and administration setup, and key findings. Key tasks central to running a trial are set out and a blueprint for how future trials should be undertaken, including how to get a trial up and running, is provided. In doing so, the report provides an overview of the team, the design of a mobility digital platform, identifying and negotiating with prospective modal suppliers, identifying and recruiting potential participants, onboarding and training of participants, monitoring and analysing the data throughout the trial period, and keeping the participants informed as the trial progresses. The report also details the process of co-designing mobility bundles for subscription and how various data sets, collected prior to and during the trial, were used in this process. The report documents lessons learnt and outlines post-trial activities such as post-trial survey, evaluation of the trial against its objectives, and data analyses, all designed to shed light on key questions about business models, commercial potential, and impacts on behavioural change.

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