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FTA Guidance on Use of CARES Act (and Supplement) Fund

Read the text of FTA’s FAQs, including CE18 which answers the question: “Are FTA funds available to provide transportation to or from COVID-19 vaccination site?” In short,

  • Yes. Several FTA funding programs can be used to support transportation services to and from COVID-19 vaccination sites as an emergency operation.
  • CARES Act and Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021 funding may be used to cover operating expenses for any public transportation service to COVID-19 vaccination sites at a 100-percent federal share.
  • The use of transit vehicles to provide non-public transportation service (non-shared ride or closed door) to COVID-19 vaccination sites, or the use of transit facilities as vaccination sites, is eligible as an incidental use if the services do not conflict with the provision of transit services or result in a reduction of service to transit passengers.
  • During the COVID-19 public health emergency, prior approval for the incidental use of transit assets for the provision of essential services is not required, although recipients should notify their FTA Regional Office

Examples of Transportation's Role in Vaccination Efforts

In the table below, NCMM has compiled the following examples of how transit agencies are working with public health agencies and their communities in their vaccination efforts.

Population Transportation, as Noted in State Covid-19 Plans

In the table below, NCMM has compiled the following examples of how states are working to transport people to vaccination sites. 

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