Enhancing resilience of urban public transport systems through greater network interconnectedness

  • Date: 01/19/2024

Six modes of transportation in Hong Kong were studied: the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), franchised buses, green minibuses, light rail, ferries and trams. The study presented the characteristics of each mode and showed the changes in their resilience due the integration of the public transportation networks. The study also analyzed indicators of resilience, such as network robustness and interoperability.

"The study reveals the potential hazards of disruptions in Hong Kong's ," said Professor Chopra. "But it also presents a silver lining by revealing the resilience of highly interconnected transportation networks. We found that these multimodal systems reduce potential points of failure in the network structure, enhance tolerance against disruptions, and improve post- interoperability. Intermodal interconnections enable public transport operators to withstand and recover swiftly, thus preventing disruptions from causing congestion in the city."

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