Central Florida Spotlight Project

Central Florida Spotlight Project

LYNX, the transit agency for the Orlando metro area, has led multiple efforts. To address the “trip information” function, LYNX developed an itinerary planner. In addition, LYNX provided its first online reservation platform for demand-response transportation (DRT) trips in 2016 for the “trip booking” function. The platform, called WebACCESS, supports trip booking for the Access LYNX program, comprised of both ADA complementary paratransit and the Transportation Disadvantaged Program for Central Florida. The Transportation Disadvantaged Program is a “coordinated state-wide effort which groups riders together for a shared ride service.” To facilitate the “trip payment” function, WebAccess users can pay for their trip through the LYNX PawPass, a mobile fare app that works across all of LYNX’s services. This project has benefited from a Mobility Services for All Americans (MSAA) grant and a Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI) grant as well as other funding. Find out more about this spotlight project in the project profile. 

Trip Information
Trip Booking
Trip Payment

Itinerary Planning (web)
Real-Time Info (web)
Reservation Service (phone + web)
Integrated Fixed-Route and Sponsored Demand-Response Payment (web)

Project Owner:

One-Call/One-Click function graphic with trip information, trip booking, and trip payment functions highlighted.


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